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Sprays & Wipes

Sprays & Wipes
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Antibacterial Medicated Spray 8 oz

Health Guard Medicated Spray controls skin problems in dogs and cats. Designed in a unique, broad-spectrum antibacterial form...

Allivet Price$10.99
Humilac Spray

HUMILAC is a soothing dry skin treatment for dogs and cats incorporating an oil free humectant. HUMILAC Formulated to aid in ...

Allivet Price$6.99
Relief Spray

Relief Spray combines the antipruritic effect of Pramoxine Hydrochloride with the soothing effects of colloidal oatmeal for t...

Allivet Price$10.49
GentaSpray Topical Spray 120 ml

GentaSpray Topical Spray is used for canine infected superficial lesions. It features strong anti-inflammatory and antipruiti...

Allivet Price$13.99
Dermacool-HC Spray

Dermacool HC Spray is a gentle, anti-inflammatory, astringent and cooling spray designed to provide temporary relief of local...

Allivet Price$17.99
Antibacterial Medicated Spray - Gallon

Health Guard Medicated Spray gallon size controls skin problems in dogs and cats. Designed in a unique, broad-spectrum antiba...

Allivet Price$119.99
Genesis Spray 16 oz

Genesis Topical Spray is indicated for the control of pruritus associated with allergic dermatitis in dogs. Recommended prior...

Allivet Price$18.99
Mitaban Dip

Mitaban Dip indicated for the treatment of generalized demodectic mange in Dogs. Mitaban Dip relieves your dog of skin irrita...

Allivet Price$29.99

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