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Horse Instruments

Horse Instruments
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Complete Stomach Pump

This efficient, lightweight stomach pump is solidly constructed of highly-polished, nickel-plated brass. It contains ball val...

Allivet Price$94.99
Dental Floats

File and clean the teeth of animals with these easy-to-use dental floats. The handle is made of wood and the shanks are made ...

Allivet Price$54.99
OB Gloves

Designed for OB and AI use, the Ideal OB Glove is a premium glove at an economy price. It’s made from a high quality polyethy...

Allivet Price$17.99
Blue Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are 100% latex free to eliminate potential allergic reactions to natural latex. Fully textured palm and finger...

As Low As$12.99
Infusion Pump

Infusion Pump Small black rubber bulb-type infusion pump.

Allivet Price$28.99
IV Sets

The Dexco IV Set is one of the easiest to use and most durable intravenous systems ever designed. Its pure gum rubber funnel ...

As Low As$34.99
Pill Grinder

Safe and easy way to crush pills. Just pop in pill and turn the crank. Use with included dose cup, or let crushed pills fall ...

Allivet Price$10.99
Digital Thermometer

Our Digital Thermometer is quick reading, beeps when ready and displays digital temperatures in Fahrenheit.

Allivet Price$9.99

Our stethoscope offers an economical solution for those situations that require a quality listening device. It features a chr...

Allivet Price$19.99
Electro-Cautery Instrument

Ideal's Veterinary Electro-Cautery Instrument is a compact, portable system that provides precise settings for constant heat ...

Allivet Price$2299.00
Preg-Alert Pro

The Preg-Alert Pro is a multi-purpose highly versatile A-Mode ultrasonic instrument for performing the following tests and me...

Allivet Price$1499.00
Preg-Alert Pro Probe

Preg-Alert Pro Probe - Deep Probe for Early Pregnancy Detection in Cows & Mares. For use with Preg-Alert Pro.

Allivet Price$439.99
Regu-Mate Dosing Device

Regu-Mate Dosing Device use with 1 liter Regumate bottle for easy dosing.

Allivet Price$37.99

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