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Horse Instruments

Horse Instruments
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Complete Stomach Pump

This efficient, lightweight stomach pump is solidly constructed of highly-polished, nickel-plated brass. It contains ball val...

Allivet Price$94.99
Dental Floats

File and clean the teeth of animals with these easy-to-use dental floats. The handle is made of wood and the shanks are made ...

Allivet Price$54.99
OB Gloves

Designed for OB and AI use, the Ideal OB Glove is a premium glove at an economy price. It’s made from a high quality polyethy...

Allivet Price$17.99
Blue Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are 100% latex free to eliminate potential allergic reactions to natural latex. Fully textured palm and finger...

As Low As$12.99
Infusion Pump

Infusion Pump Small black rubber bulb-type infusion pump.

Allivet Price$28.99
IV Sets

The Dexco IV Set is one of the easiest to use and most durable intravenous systems ever designed. Its pure gum rubber funnel ...

As Low As$34.99
Pill Grinder

Safe and easy way to crush pills. Just pop in pill and turn the crank. Use with included dose cup, or let crushed pills fall ...

Allivet Price$10.99
Digital Thermometer

Our Digital Thermometer is quick reading, beeps when ready and displays digital temperatures in Fahrenheit.

Allivet Price$9.99

Our stethoscope offers an economical solution for those situations that require a quality listening device. It features a chr...

Allivet Price$19.99
Electro-Cautery Instrument

Ideal's Veterinary Electro-Cautery Instrument is a compact, portable system that provides precise settings for constant heat ...

Allivet Price$2299.00
Preg-Alert Pro

The Preg-Alert Pro is a multi-purpose highly versatile A-Mode ultrasonic instrument for performing the following tests and me...

Allivet Price$1499.00
Preg-Alert Pro Probe

Preg-Alert Pro Probe - Deep Probe for Early Pregnancy Detection in Cows & Mares. For use with Preg-Alert Pro.

Allivet Price$439.99
Regu-Mate Dosing Device

Regu-Mate Dosing Device use with 1 liter Regumate bottle for easy dosing.

Allivet Price$47.49

Horse Instruments

Horse owners use various types of instruments to assist them with the routine grooming process.  Different types of high-quality hoof picks, grooming brushes and trimmers can make grooming easier and more effective. 

Some medical procedures require the use of certain horse instruments. For instance, horse stomach pumps and horse syringes are commonly utilized in equine medical care.