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Pregnant Mare & Foal Vaccines

Pregnant Mare & Foal Vaccines
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BotVax B 10ml

BotVax B for the prevention of Botulism due to Clostridium botulinum Type B in healthy horses.

Allivet Price$63.99
Equine Coli Endotox

Equine Coli Endotox for use in newborn foals as an aid in the prevention of colibacillosis and septicemia caused by K99 pilia...

Allivet Price$26.99
Equine Rotavirus 10 ds Vial

EQUINE ROTAVIRUS VACCINE for vaccination of pregnant mares to provide passive transfer of antibodies to foals against equine ...

Allivet Price$213.99

SETTLE for horses is a MYCOBACTERIUM CELL WALL FRACTION IMMUNOSTIMULANT. SETTLE is recommended as an aid in the treatment of ...

Allivet Price$54.99

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