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Albon 5% Oral Suspension Rx

Albon is indicated for the treatment of respiratory, genitourinary tract, enteric, and soft tissue infections in dogs and cats: tonsillitis, cystitis, pustular dermatitis, bacterial enteritis, pharyngitis, nephritis, anal gland infections, canine salmonellosis, bronchitis, metritis, abscesses, bacterial enteritis, associated pneumonia, pyometra, wound infections with coccidiosis in dogs.

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What is Albon 5% Oral Suspension?

Albon Oral Suspension is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections in cats and dogs.

Who is Albon 5% Oral Suspension for?

Cats and Dogs

Why use Albon 5% Oral Suspension?

-Fights bacterial infections
-Custard-flavored for easy of administration

How Albon 5% Oral Suspension work?

Albon works by interfering with the ability of bacteria to reproduce and fighting bacteria.



Active ingredient(s):


How is Albon 5% Oral Suspension sold?

2 oz
16 oz

What are the side effects of Albon 5% Oral Suspension?

Few side effects have been reported, though some animals may experience diarrhea.

What to do if overdose?

In case of overdose contact your nearest pet hospital

How can I store Albon 5% Oral Suspension?

Store in a cool dry place

Use as directed by your veterinarian


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