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Allivet Automatic Delivery option is so simple and easy!

You do not need to remember to re-order your pet medication, food, treats, or supplements anymore. We will do it for you and have them delivered right to your door just when you need them! No more last minute trips to the vet, no more running out of food, no more reminder notes – Your item always arrives just when you need it. Best of all, order above $99 qualifies for Free Shipping. Vaccines and cold items do not qualify for free shipping.

How it works

  • Find the product you want on Allivet website, and then check the box below the quantity "Autoship"
  • During the checkout process, you can apply the Reward Certificate to your current order.


  • Enter the frequency in weeks which you would like to receive the product.
    For example, 4 = every four weeks, 6 = every six weeks. You can always change the frequency, accelerate or postpone a delivery, temporarily suspend delivery, or completely cancel the deliveries.
  • Click the Add to Cart and Autoship button. Do this for all the items you would like to receive, and then go through the normal checkout process.

Your first order will ship immediately, and subsequent orders will be processed according to the weekly frequency you choose.

If you choose an Express shipping method (for example FedEx 2ND Day Air) for your initial order, your account will be set up with that as the default shipping method for future orders. At any time after your first order ships, you can change the shipping metho

Payment Options

We can only accept credit cards for the Automatic Delivery Program. No checks or money orders.

Order Notifications

For every scheduled order you will receive an email 3 days ahead of time with a list of the items scheduled to ship. You have until midnight EST the day before to make changes online via the My Autoship link.

Back Orders

Occasionally an item may have a delay, and when we are aware of the delay from the vendor we will notify you.

Price Changes

Please check the pricing on your pre-orders notification. We only pass on price changes when a vendor has increased or decreased their prices.

Order Confirmation & Tracking

On the day your order is processed you will receive an email receipt. When it is shipped you will receive another email with information on the expected delivery date and a link to track the shipment.

Problems Processing Your Order

If credit cards expire or decline, we will email you a reminder that there has been a problem and we need you to help us fix it and confirm so your order can ship.

Making Changes

Remember, any time you want to adjust your scheduled deliveries, you may do so by signing into your account via the My Autoship link.

To change the quantity of an item, simply change the number in the Quantity field and click the Save Changes button. This will permanently change the quantity automatically delivered to you, so if you want this to change for one order only, you will need to change it back before the next delivery.

To modify the weekly delivery interval simply change the number in the Weekly Interval field and click the Save Changes button. This will permanently change the weekly interval at which this item is automatically delivered to you.

To remove an item: Simply click “remove” Icon. This item will not be delivered to you unless you add it again to Autoship.

To add an item to Autoship : You may browse for items on the website and check the box “Autoship” then, click the “add to cart and Autoship” button.


If you have any questions about the Autoship Program, please don't hesitate to call us at 877 500 9944 or email us at customercare@allivet.com

Thank you for choosing Allivet Trusted Pet Pharmacy!