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Dog Ear Infection

If you see your dog scratching, pawing or tilting their heads in an awkward position you may want to check your dog’s ear. If you see dark waxy discharge, sores and swelling with a distinctive odor then you may very well be looking at an ear infection. Your dog will be suffering from pain and discomfort and prescription medication may be needed. Synotic Otic Solution can assist in relieving your dog’s pain and inflammation caused by an ear infection helping clear pruritus associated with acute and chronic otitis in dogs.

Otomax carries Gentamicin an antibiotic that not only stops the growth of bacteria but actually kills the bacteria helping clear the ear infection effectively.

Animax Ointment fights a broad range of bacterial infections while its nystats protects against several strains of yeast and fungus as well as bacterial infections with the antibiotic neomycin.

Have your dog examined if you see any symptoms of an ear infection and count on Allivet for any medication recommended by your veterinarian to help treat and cure your dog’s ear infection fast and effectively.

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