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Esbilac Milk Replacer Powder 28 oz

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Product Overview

How To Use

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Questions & Answers

Product Description

Esbilac® Milk Replacer Powder is an excellent choice for use as a replacement food source for rejected or orphaned puppies. It is also a great option for puppies who require supplemental feeding during nursing, for lactating females, for growing puppies, convalescing older dogs, or adult dogs with stress issues who need a highly-digestible nutrient source.

Who is Esbilac Milk Replacer Powder 28 oz for?

For use in dogs.

Why use Esbilac Milk Replacer Powder 28 oz?

Esbilac® Milk Replacer Powder is great for lactating females, growing puppies, nursing puppies requiring supplementation, rejected puppies, convalescing dogs, post-surgical recovery, or stressed adult dogs who could benefit from highly-digestible nutrition.

How does Esbilac Milk Replacer Powder 28 oz work?

Esbilac® Milk Replacer Powder is the top-selling puppy formula for newborn-to-6-week-old puppies. It contains prebiotics, probiotics, minerals, and vitamins for proper growth and development. It is highly digestible, easy to mix, and highly palatable.


Pet AG

How is Esbilac Milk Replacer Powder 28 oz sold?

28 oz

What are the side effects of Esbilac Milk Replacer Powder 28 oz?

No known side effects

What special precautions are there?

  • Not safe for human use.
  • Intended only for supplemental or intermittent feeding.
  • Reconstituted milk must be refrigerated.
  • Do not put into a blender.
  • Do not mix more than a 24-hour supply.

What to do if overdose?

Contact your closest animal hospital.

Helpful Tips:

Esbilac® Milk Replacer Powder is specially-formulated to offer a caloric pattern similar to that of a mother dog in carbohydrates, fat, and protein.


Feed puppies 2 tablespoons (30mL) of liquid Esbilac per 4 ounces (115g) of body weight daily. The daily feeding amountshould be divided into equal portions for each feeding.

Main Ingredients

Crude Protein, min 33.0%
Crude Fat, min 40.0%
Crude Fiber, max 0.0%
Moisture, max 5.0%

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Esbilac Milk Replacer Powder 28 oz

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