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Metronidazole Tablet Rx

  • Metronidazole is an antibiotic especially effective against anaerobic infections. Metronidazole has anti-inflammatory properties in the large intestine and is a very effective anti-diarrhea medication. 

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    What is Metronidazole Tablet?

    Metronidazole is an antibiotic especially effective against anaerobic infections

    Who is Metronidazole Tablet for?

    Dogs and Cats

    Why use Metronidazole Tablet?

    - Treats inflammatory bowel disease
    - Helps cure certain diarrheal disorders
    - Treats Giardia
    - Treats periodontal

    How does Metronidazole Tablet work?

    Metronidazole is effective against anaerobic infections, it has anti-inflammatory properties in the large intestines and it’s a anti-diahhrea medication for certain diseases.


    Watson Pharmaceuticals

    Active ingredient(s):


    How is Metronidazole Tablet sold?

    Single tablets

    What are the side effects of Metronidazole Tablet?

    Seek emergency veterinary medical attention if your pet experiences any signs of an allergic reaction (hives; difficulty breathing; or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat). Call your veterinarian at once if any of the following serious side effects occur: seizures; fever; chills; sores inside the mouth or on the lips; or watery or bloody diarrhea. Keep giving metronidazole and talk to your veterinarian if your pet develops any of these less serious side effects: nausea; diarrhea; dizziness; loss of balance; dry mouth; cough; sneezing; runny nose; or swollen tongue

    What to do if overdose?

    In case of adverse reaction, consult your nearest animal hospital.

    How can I store Metronidazole Tablet?

    Store metronidazole at room temperature, away from moisture and heat.

    Helpful Tips:

    Metronidazole should be given to your pet for the entire length of time prescribed by your veterinarian. Do not give in larger amounts or use it for longer than recommended by your veterinarian

    Pharmacists are standing by to offer Pet Parent counseling regarding prescription medication purchased from Allivet before and after dispensing. Pharmacists on duty are available Monday-Friday, 9:30AM - 5:30PM EST and will be on call Saturday 12:00PM - 4:00PM EST for consultation.
    Used as directed by your veterinarian.

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    Is Metronidazole good for diarreah1 Answer

    Is Metronidazole good for diarreah1 Answer

    2 Years 8 Months 4 Weeks ago


    According to the manufacturer, Metronidazole is used to treat diarrhea disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, giardia, and periodontal. This information is accurate at the time that this reply was written. This medication requires a prescription from a veterinarian. Use as directed. Please consult with your veterinarian before administering..
    2 Years 8 Months 3 Weeks 6 Days ago
    Allivet Contributor
    Thank you for your feedback.

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