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Horse Liniments & Poultices

Horse Liniments & Poultices
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DMSO Gel 16 oz

DMSO gel is typically used as an industrial solvent, but is also used to relieve pain caused by arthritis or an autoimmune di...

Allivet Price$10.99
DMSO Gel 90% 4.25 oz

DMSO Gel 99.9%, 4.25 oz may help improve pain and inflammation caused by arthritis in horses and is sometimes used to treat c...

Allivet Price$3.99
DMSO Liquid 99%, 16 oz

DMSO Liquid 99%, 16 oz is a topical liquid that's used to treat physical trauma and the symptoms of arthritis in horses.

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Allivet Price$38.99
Workalin 8 oz

Workalin is a rubefacient counter irritant with mild blistering properties that aids in the temporary relief of minor stiffne...

Allivet Price$19.99
Absorbine Vet Liniment Gel

Vet Liniment Gel Convenient gel form—easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas. Effective muscle, joint, and arthritis pain reliev...

Allivet Price$10.99
Absorbine Liniment

Absorbine Liniment Helps reduce temporary muscular soreness and stiffness from exertion or exposure. Rub into skin thoroughly...

As Low As$8.99

BIGELOIL is recommended as a rubbing application for sore knees, bucked shins, strained and wrenched tendons and other tempor...

As Low As$14.99
Equi-Block DT 16 oz

Equi-Block DT is recommended for the ongoing treatment of minor aches and pains associated with arthritis, strains, sprains, ...

Allivet Price$12.99
Equi-Block Gel 8 oz

Equi-Block topical pain reliever for the temporary care of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuralgias, simple backache,...

Allivet Price$20.99
EQUI-Block Tightener & Liniment

EQUI-Block Tightener & LINIMENT- The Veterinary Liniment of Champions and part three of our Pain Reduction Program. Super Str...

Allivet Price$13.99
EPF-5 Equine Pain Formula

EPF-5 Equine Pain Formula is a unique topical anesthetic mineral gel that provides fast relief in reducing inflammation, swel...

Allivet Price$29.99
Icetight Poultice 7.5 lbs

Icetight Poultice a single appplication can take the place of rubbing, icing or hosing. Starts to work immediately and keeps ...

Allivet Price$14.99
Magna Poultice

Magna Poultice is a great no rub poultice that quickly reduces swelling, inflammation, and sprains that can commonly cause a ...

Allivet Price$12.99

Reduccine a counterirritant for use as an aid in the temporary relief of minor stiffness and soreness caused by over exertion...

Allivet Price$13.99
Su-Per Poultice 12 lbs

Gateway Su-Per Poultice is a premium poultice, medicated to aid in drawing out swelling and soreness and acts as a cooling ag...

Allivet Price$25.99
Thermaflex Liniment Liquid with MSM

Thermaflex Liniment with MSM helps with sore muscle and joint relief. Aids in pain relief, helps reduce swelling and stimulat...

As Low As$9.99
Thermaflex Liniment Gel with MSM - 12oz

Thermaflex Gel provides instant relief for sore muscles and joints and a cool rush of menthol followed by soothing, deep-pene...

Allivet Price$8.99
Total Equine Relief Paste

Total Equine Relief was developed to ease the effects of aches and reduce swelling caused by training and competition and wil...

Allivet Price$12.99
Postyme 5 Day Blister 8 oz

Postyme 5 Day Blisteris a new, human, water soluble blister used in the relief of bowed tendons, bucked shins, ankles, knees ...

Allivet Price$19.99

Horse Liniments & Poultices

Horse liniments and poultices provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains. Horses inflicted with arthritis or stressed muscles could benefit greatly by using equine liniment gels and clay poultices.<br>
Applying these arthritic and joint medicines to sore spots can reduce inflammation, swelling and tenderness associated with over-worked muscles. Successful pain therapy using liniments and poultices will allow horses to find much needed relief from their suffering.