5 Super Ways to Keep Your Pets Stress Free During a Super Bowl Party

dog and kitten football

The decision is FINAL! This year’s Super Bowl Party will be held in your house. The guest list is done. The invitations have been sent out. The decorations, the food and the beverages are in position. The TV’s reception is crystal clear. The Wi-Fi signal is strong. You have your game face on. You are ready for The Big Game! But, what about your pets?

A Super Bowl Party in your home can create a certain level of stress for your dog or cat. Think about it: a group of people (your pets most likely don’t know) are huddling in your home to eat, drink, laugh and yell at the TV screen. This situation could be quite stressful for pets accustomed to having a peaceful home field advantage. So, what’s a pet parent suppose to do?

At Allivet, we not only care for your pet’s medication needs, we are also pet parents. So we came up with five ways to help your pet get through a Super Bowl Party.

  1. Conduct a meet and greet. Have your pets in the same room as your guests. This will give them the opportunity to get acclimated to your friends’ voices and scents.
  2. Take your dog out for a walk prior to the game, during halftime or commercial breaks. This way you don’t miss any important plays.
  3. Provide dog treats or cat treats for them to enjoy during the game. You can even play a game: whenever the home team scores a touchdown your pet gets a treat.
  4. Give them their favorite food.  They see you and your friends eating why not provide your dog or cat with the food they crave.
  5. Use pet-calming solutions. For hyper- nervous dogs or cats, pet-calming treats or collars may be just the ticket.


Bonus Tips:

Bonus Tip #1: Have your pet stay in a different room during the party. A spare room, basement or garage can serve as a temporary place for your pet to stay during the game. Make the room pet-friendly by ensuring there is adequate ventilation, food, and water. Also, include a pet bed, blanket or a favorite toy, make your dog or cat feel comfortable.

Bonus Tip #2: Check your dog or cat into a pet day-care facility. Pet day-care centers are great places to keep your dog or pet. In addition to day-care services, some of them offer training classes, grooming and even overnight stays. To find one in your area, just type “pet day care centers near me” in your favorite Internet search engine.

Bonus Tip #3: Take them to a friend’s or family member’s house. A friend or family member who has taken care of your pet in the past is a good idea. A familiar environment with familiar faces will make your dog or cat feel that it is going on a special visit. When taking your pet over someone’s house be sure to pack their favorite toys, snacks and foods so they can feel more at home.

In conclusion, hosting a Super Bowl Party in your home can be a lot of fun. And you can enhance the experience, if you let pets join the team.


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