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Horse hoof health

Assess Changes in Your Horse’s Hoof...

Your horse, Frank, was trucking along just fine barefoot until you made the move from Arizona to Florida — in the Summer no less. You’ve only been there a couple months, and his hooves are starting to spilt and crack. Poor, Frank...

Crazy cat

10 Crazy Facts About Cats You Never Knew

Cats are possibly the biggest celebrities of the internet. In fact, some people believe the internet was created for the sole purpose of sharing cat videos. Though that’s probably not true, there are much crazier facts about cats that...

top 10 pet grooming essentials

Top 10 Pet Grooming Essentials

Keeping your pet clean and groomed is a great way to help your pet stay healthy. By washing and trimming your dog or cat’s fur on a regular basis you will be able to detect the signs early signs

black cat wrapped in green towel_how to bathe your cat

How to Bathe Your Cat in 5 Easy Steps

Cats are expert groomers by nature. They are quite apt at cleaning themselves, and don’t need humans to help them. Every now and then some human intervention is required to make sure a cat is squeaky clean.