Allivet Pet Pharmacy and Paws 4 You Rescue Partner to Raise Awareness for Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month

On the heels of October’s Adopt a Shelter Pet Month,  November  highlights the benefits of owning a senior pet and focuses on the older animals who are often passed over at shelters in favor of younger dogs and cats.

Allivet has added an incentive for anyone adopting a senior pet this month through Paws 4 You Rescue.  “We would like to encourage individuals to consider older pets when adding a new member of the family. We chose to partner with Paws 4 You rescue, because they have always gone the extra mile for senior pets all year long” says Allivet’s marketing coordinator.  Paws 4 You and their Senior 4 Senior program  places senior dogs (typically over 8 years of age) with qualified senior citizens who are 60 years of age or older.  Dogs (or cats) can provide friendship and security for lonely individuals.   Because Americans are living longer these days, sometimes elderly people find themselves alone because they have outlived loved ones.

The opportunity for companionship, care taking and interaction may fill an older person’s void if family is not nearby. This program offers a special reduced adoption fee and includes many benefits to help seniors who are living on a fixed income including the spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, a complimentary vet visit to discuss the dog, a leash and a collar and a special toy donated by the Board of Directors.  Allivet’s gift certificate donation is offered as a financial aid for any supplements or medications the adopted seniors may need.

Sharing your life with a senior pet can improve the quality of life for both you and your companion. Pets can provide comfort and companionship to a population at high risk of social deprivation, sometimes more than people can. This is one of the few opportunities for seniors to be a nurturer.  The companionship of pets help to fight depression and loneliness, promoting an interest in life and helping seniors stick to a regular daily routine.

Contact the Program Director, Carol Caridad, if you are considering participation in the SENIORS 4 SENIORS program for yourself or family member.  Carol can be reached on the Rescue line (786.242.7377) or through email

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