Can I Give My Pet Candy?

Pet Halloween Candy

What’s the best part of Halloween? Candy, of course! You might be tempted to share some candy with your pet, after all, who doesn’t like a little treat? But before you do, read this:

  • High sugar candy such as candy corn will help your pet’s gut bacteria to thrive, causing a spooky mess of gas and diarrhea.
    Allivet alternative: Nutro Ultra Dog Biscuits with Oatmeal and Pumpkin contain super-premium, all-natural ingredients to provide healthy nutrition and improve digestion. Get them at Allivet for only $4.99
  • Sugar-free candy often contains xylitol, which is perfectly harmless for humans, but terrible for pets. Xylitol causes a severe drop in sugar only minutes after ingestion, causing lethargy and seizures. If your pet survives the initial symptoms, xylitol can lead to potentially fatal liver failure.
    Allivet alternative: Lean Treats are a deceptively delicious low-calorie alternative for pudgy pets. Made with real chicken and fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, you can find these at our guaranteed lowest price of only $2.49
  • Chocolate is extremely toxic to pets because it contains theobromine, which can cause seizures, heart attacks and internal bleeding.
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  • Bite-Sized Hard Candy poses a major choking hazard for pets. Hard candy becomes slippery with saliva, causing your pet to choke if it slips into the trachea.
    Allivet alternative: Nutro Crunchy Treats with Real Mixed Berries are jam-packed with antioxidants and crunchy goodness your pet will love. Allivet carries them for $3.99
  • Bubble Gum can be dangerous even if it doesn’t contain xylitol because it can cause moderate to severe bowel obstruction.
    Allivet alternative: DenTess Stars Treats will give your pet hours of delicious, chewy fun while cleaning their teeth. Only $7.49 at Allivet.
  • Raisins are a healthy alternative to candy for humans, but not so much for pets. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. Some pets develop idiosyncratic reactions at any dose, which means you should call the vet even if your pet had just one.
    Allivet alternative: Halo Liv-a-Little Healthsome Chicken Cat Treats provide a nutritious and delicious snack that will have your kitty purring. Find it at Allivet for $3.99
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