How to Bring Your Dog to the Beach

Dog on Beach

Now that the summer’s here, there are so many fun warm weather things you can do with your pup. One of the most fun is go to the beach! Many dogs love to swim in the water, dig in the sand, and spend time in the sun with the people that they love. If you are planning to bring your dog to the beach this summer, here are some helpful tips to ensure that the trip is a fun and successful one.

Make Sure the Beach is Dog Friendly

First-step: before you head anywhere, make sure the beach is dog friendly. Some beaches allow dogs, while others are human only, so you want to make sure you pick a spot that will welcome your furry friend.

Bring Lots of Water

Your dog will be tempted to drink salt water if he gets thirsty — don’t let him! This can dehydrate him and make him thirstier. Bring plenty of bottled water and a collapsible bowl, so you can quench your pup’s thirst while he plays in the sun and sand.

Offer Shade

Just like you, your dog can’t stay in the sun too long. Bring a tent or umbrella to offer your dog shade when he’s done playing in the heat. He’ll welcome the cool respite while he rejuvenates to go play some more.

Keep an Eye on Your Pup

Make sure to watch your dog while you’re at the beach, even if you have a dog that’s great off leash and loves water. You want to make sure your dog doesn’t accidentally encounter any aggressive dogs, that he doesn’t get caught up in choppy water he can’t handle, and that he doesn’t go to the bathroom without you noticing (you’ll always want to pick up after him!)

Bringing your dog to the beach is a great idea, and the trip can be fun for everyone involved if you do a little preparation. By bringing the right items and knowing how to stay in control of your pooch while you’re there, you’ll ensure that everyone involved has an unforgettable outdoor outing.

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