How To Handle An Injured Pet

7 tips to handle an injured pet

Pain and fear can make animals unpredictable, even dangerous. Find out how to properly handle an injured pet to ensure everyone’s safety. 

  1. If your pet just got injured, don’t despair! Keep your cool. Pets can sense your energy, so if you remain calm it will help them calm down too.
  2. Do not hug your pet or put your face close to theirs. Your instinct may be to comfort your pet with a hug, but this might just scare your pet more or cause them pain. Instead, use a soothing tone of voice to help calm your pet and show them your love.
  3. Examine your pet gently and slowly. Stop if your pet becomes more agitated.
  4. Call your veterinarian or contact your nearest emergency animal hospital, depending on the severity of the injury. Calling ahead will help ensure that they are ready for when you arrive.
  5. If necessary, muzzle your pet to reduce the chance of biting. Remember to never, ever muzzle a pet that is vomiting. Cats can be wrapped in a towel or blanket to prevent scratching, but make sure you do this gently to avoid causing them more pain.
  6. Transport your pet in a confined area, such as a pet carrier, to prevent further injury.
  7. Keep your pet’s medical records in a safe, easy-to-access place and bring them along when you take your pet to the emergency room.
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