It’s “National Admit You’re Happy” Month: My Pet Makes Me HAPPY!!!

In celebration of “National Admit You’re Happy Month”, submit your story to us on Facebook for a chance to have your pet featured on the Allivet homepage. Tell us why you really have to admit, your pet makes you happy.

Our happy client Lisa C, admits why her pet chihuahua Mikey makes her happy:

Summer of 2011 was a very tough one. I had just graduated high school and would soon be leaving my family and friends in Mimikeyami to start college in Boston and my mother was just recovering from a very serious surgery. Because my mom and I lived alone, I was very worried about leaving for college in such a short amount of time. One afternoon, a friend made a post on Facebook about a small dog that needed a home. I was never allowed a pet but always wanted one, so I went ahead and claimed I wanted one of the dogs. Without telling my mom, I went out and bought everything I needed to welcome this little one home, and by the time she got back from work, my mom now had a new family member living at our house. She was not happy at first but she warmed up to the idea in a few hours once she spent more time with him. Mikey, a 2 year old Chihuahua, changed mine and my family’s lives. Once I left for college, my mom became even more infatuated with this guy. Our phone calls would turn into recaps of Mikey’s day and with every day that passed, I felt much better about leaving for college because I knew my mom was no longer alone. Mikey is now the baby of the entire family. My aunts, uncles, and cousins are as in love with him as I am. He is energetic, loving, and having him around makes every day a happier day! This small Chihuahua who once needed a home rescued me and my family.

Lisa C.
Miami, FL

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