Winterize Your Dog or Cat with These Helpful Tips

Winterize Your Dog or Cat with these helpful tips

Winter is here! For most of us, this means taking out the winter coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, boots, stocking up on cold remedies, installing snow tires or chains, and … well you get the idea. In a nutshell, it means bundling up because “baby its cold out there.”

As the proud parent of a dog or cat, it means making sure your four-legged companions are protected against the elements too.

At Allivet Pet Pharmacy, most of us are pet parents. It is why we believe that every pet parent should have access to information that will help them maintain their pets’ happy, healthy and safe.  And we love to share useful information. It is why we did a little research and were able to find theses valuable tips to help you winterize your dog or cat.

For Dogs and Cats:

Never leave your pet alone in a car.

Increase your outdoor pets’ daily food supply.

Make sure your pet has a warm place to sleep, away from drafts and off the floor. A basket or cardboard box with a warm blanket in it works well.

For outdoor pets, check the water bowl several times a day to make sure the water doesn’t freeze over. A heated water bowl is essential for outdoor pets.

Antifreeze tastes good to dogs and cats and can make them sick or kill them. Be sure antifreeze is put away carefully and all spills are wiped up thoroughly

For Dogs:

Take your dog outside only long enough to relieve him-self.

Thoroughly wipe off your dog’s feet when he comes in. Snow can get encrusted between the pads. He can also pick up salt and other chemicals on his feet.

Consider getting your dog a warm sweater. While this may seem a luxurious frill, a sweater makes sense if your dog shivers from the cold.

Keep your dog on a leash, especially during a snowstorm. Dogs can lose their scent in the snow, panic and run away.

Bathe your dog only when absolutely necessary. A wet dog can catch a cold very easily.

Don’t clip your dog’s hair in winter (unless matted). He may look funny, but he will be warmer. And brush your dog daily. Daily brushing keeps your pet’s coat healthy, shiny, clean, and mat-free.

Allivet Pet Pharmacy carries a wonderful selection of pet grooming products to help keep your dog or cat look sharp during winter (or anytime other time of the year). To learn more, please click pet grooming.

If your dog must stay outside for several hours a day, make sure he has a weatherproof doghouse with the floor raised a few inches off the ground. Use straw, cedar chips, or shredded newspaper for bedding in a doghouse. Blankets can get wet and freeze.

For Cats:

Keep your cats inside! Cats can get cold very easily, or become lost outside.

Before starting your car, honk the horn or bang on the hood. Cats like to crawl up under the car hood and can get tangled in the fan belt.

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If you have a pet winterizing tip you would like to share with us, please leave it in the comments section below.

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