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Allergy Medicine for Dogs

Dog Skin & Allergy

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How do you treat a dog with allergies?

Allergies are one of the most common issues affecting dogs across the country. A problem to which pet parents can relate, allergies can affect your dog’s daily routine and their overall quality of life. Whether your dog is facing environmental allergies, skin allergies, or food allergies, Allivet has you covered with options for allergy medicine for dogs.

While the symptoms of allergies can be numerous, some of the most common signs are itchiness, hives, redness, sneezing, swelling in the face (ears, lips, eyes, etc.), itchy or runny eyes, and licking. If you think your dog is suffering from allergies, speak with your veterinarian about which allergy medicine is best for dogs.

Medicated Shampoos and Sprays

Dog shampoo for allergies can be an effective option for fast symptom relief. Choose from PhytoVet CK Antiseptic, Malaseb, Douxo, Mal-A-Ket, TrizCHLOR 4, MalAcetic ULTRA, and more, or opt for a convenient spray. Shampoos and sprays are great choices for soothing and relieving symptoms, and they also cleanse the skin and coat to remove potential allergens. Depending on the option you select, sprays and shampoos can offer degreasing, deodorizing, antibacterial, and/or antifungal benefits, relieving many of the symptoms of dog skin allergies.

Over-the-Counter Oral Antihistamines

Allivet carries many options for oral allergy medicine for dogs that don’t require a prescription from your veterinarian. While you should always ask your vet before starting a new medication, these oral antihistamines can bring much-needed relief to your pup. From chlorpheniramine (a treatment for drug induced, inhaled, or contact allergies) to diphenhydramine (a remedy for insect stings, allergies, and more) to homeopathic treatments, over-the-counter dog allergy treatment can be some of the best antihistamine for dog allergies.

Skin Supplements

Allivet offers a variety of options for allergy supplement for dogs. Wonderfully effective for preventatively treating your dog, these options range from soft gels to capsules to treats to spot-on treatments. They offer allergy relief, coat and skin benefits, and more, depending on the supplement you choose. Options include Omega Tri-V, Welactin, EicosaCaps, NatureVet, VetriScience, Pala-Tech, and many more. Supplements can be some of the the best allergy medicine for dogs.

Topical Creams

Allergy cream for dogs is a soothing and useful treatment for allergy woes. You may find wipes to be a convenient option, or maybe you prefer a spray or a cream. You can’t go wrong with any of Allivet’s offerings! Some of the most popular topical dog allergy treatment options are Douxo Chlorhexidine pads, MalAcetic or TrizCHLOR wipes, Zymox cream or spray, and so much more. Some products treat skin infections, some are useful for hot spots, and some kill bacteria and infection. Whatever is afflicting your dog, Allivet has a topical solution to help.

Prescription Medications

Prescription allergy medicine for dogs is a very effective way to relieve your dog’s bothersome allergy symptoms. Your veterinarian may find it prudent to start your dog on a prescription ointment like EnteDerm or Muricin, a lotion like Miconosol, a spray like Gentamicin Sulfate/Betamethosone Valerate, a tablet like Hydroxyzine HCL or Vetadryl, or a capsule like Hydroxyzine Pamoate. Your veterinarian can evaluate the severity of your dog’s individual symptoms and prescribe the most effective treatment. They can also answer important medical questions, such as, “How much allergy medicine can I give my dog?” or, “What are the dosage guidelines for dog allergy medication?” Allivet offers all of these prescription-only options.

To order a prescription allergy medicine for dogs (or any other prescription your dog may need), just add the item to your cart and begin the checkout process. During checkout, we’ll gather information about your veterinarian and your pet, which allows us to contact your vet on your behalf, confirm and fill the prescription, and ship it right to your door.

Allivet also offers Greenies pill pockets and Pill Pals, two options for hiding your dog’s medication inside a tasty treat. These are excellent options to get picky, finicky dogs to easily take their medicine.

Whether you’re looking to fill a prescription, you need a pill-hiding treat, you’re searching for an effective allergy supplement, or you’re wondering what else you can do to relieve your pet’s irritating allergy symptoms, Allivet has it all!