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Novox Caplets Rx

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Product Description

Novox (carprofen) treats inflammation and pain caused by conditions like arthritis or by joint diseases such as hip dysplasia. It is also an effective fever reducer.


Managing arthritis and inflammation in your dog should be a joint effort between you the pet owner and your veterinarian. Speak with your veterinarian about a prescription brand or generic drugs available for your pet.


In the past, dogs suffering from arthritis and pain did not have many options for pain management and inflammation.  A new class of drugs have changed the way pet owners and veterinarians treat arthritis and pain in dogs.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs) have become the method of choice for many dog owners. These drugs include Carprofenfirocoxib and meloxicam. They offer a long-acting and effective treatment for canine arthritis. Some NSAIDS are available as brand name drugs such as Rimadyl (Carprofen), one of the most widely prescribed NSAIDs for arthritis.  


Because arthritis can require long term treatment and pain management, Rimadyl can become quite an expensive treatment option. Pharmaceutical companies have created a generic to Rimadyl called Novox.


Both Novox and Rimadyl are NSAID’s, which means they are a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication used to treat pain and inflammation due to arthritis and other joint diseases, including osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. They can also be used to reduce fever and relieve short-term post-operative pain. These medications both consist of the key ingredient of Carprofen, which is the ingredient responsible for reducing inflammation and relieving pain.


Let’s take a look at their similarities:

They’re both available in 25mg, 75mg, and 100mg.
Equally effective.
Easy to administer.
Contain the same ingredient (Carprofen ).
 Available in caplets.
 Available in 30, 60, and 180 counts.
The only difference between these two medications is that Rimadyl is available in a chewable tablet, while Novox isn’t but, there is a solution to this problem if your pet does not cooperate with caplets, administer the caplets with pill pocketsPill Pals are a treat for your pet but it allows you to insert pills so that you can disguise their medication with a treat. The ingredients in the Pill Pals  with not interfere with the prescribed medication.  It’s available in a fresh chicken flavor for capsules or tablets.                                                                                                                     
The other major difference is the cost, Novox  is significantly cheaper. Buying the generic of a medication will make both you and your pet happy. You, the pet owner will save money while your pet will receive the same medication they need to relieve them of pain and inflammation.

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Novox Caplets

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