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EqStim Immunostimulant

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EqStim Immunostimulant is useful in treating Equine Respiratory Disease Complex. Backed by many years of extensive research and more than a million doses sold, it is proven to be effective and safe.

EqStim Immunostimulant

 EqStim is used in the treatment of Equine Respiratory Disease Complex. Respiratory disease is most commonly caused by Equine Herpes Virus (EVH-1 and EVH-4). These viruses cause an upper respiratory tract infection in susceptible horses,
causing disease that is very similar to a head cold or the flu in people.Horses usually breathe in sneezed droplets from another infected horse; this is one way your horse can become infected. They can also become infected through contact with contaminated dust or feed. Once infected, the virus has an incubation period of 3-4 days. Infected horses usually carry the virus for around 7 days, though it can persist in nasal secretions for up to 20 days.

Common causes of ERDC include: 

Equine Herpes Virus    
Equine Influenza Virus        
Equine Arteritis Virus      
Equine Adenovirus


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EqStim Immunostimulant

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