10 Crazy Facts About Cats You Never Knew

Crazy cat

Cats are possibly the biggest celebrities of the internet. In fact, some people believe the internet was created for the sole purpose of sharing cat videos. Though that’s probably not true, there are much crazier facts about cats that actually are true. Here are ten you may enjoy.

1. Cats can be allergic to humans.

Cat allergies are very common amongst humans. In fact, you probably know someone who goes into a sneezing fit whenever he or she sees a cat. What most people don’t know, though, is that this can go both ways: Many cats are actually allergic to humans! In fact, some cats are allergic to specific humans, though other people cause no reaction at all.

2. Cats may be smarter than dogs.

While the debate continues about whether cats or dogs are smarter, it’s a proven fact that a cat’s brain is generally more complex than a dog’s brain. Cats have almost twice as many neurons firing in their cerebral cortex, compared to their canine counterparts.

3. They have “human” illnesses.

Things like obesity and diabetes are generally considered “human” illnesses, but cats can suffer from these afflictions, too. In fact, over half of all American cats are overweight.

4. Cats don’t always purr because they’re happy.

Purring is generally considered a sign that a cat is content, but that’s not always the case. In fact, cats purr for many different reasons. They purr when they are distressed, sad, or injured. They may also purr as an effort to calm another cat (or human) down. The leading theory is that purring helps cats communicate and possibly even heal themselves.

5. Their taste buds can’t process sweet flavors.

Due to a genetic defect, cats can’t actually taste sweet flavors. If your cat seems to turn her nose up at desserts or similar foods, it may be that she simply can’t appreciate the food the same way humans do.

6. Cats need routine.

If your cat seems finicky when you interrupt her normal routine, there is probably a reason for it. Research shows that cats actually need a routine; otherwise they get stressed. Many cats actually show signs of illness if their routine is compromised too much. It’s not uncommon for a cat to vomit or become lethargic, for example.

7. They can be manipulative.

Cats are notorious manipulators. In fact, a cat’s cunning has become a bit of a joke amongst pet owners. As it turns out, this stereotype has a basis in truth. Cats are adept at reading humans and urging us to do their bidding. Many cat behaviors, such as herding, are attempts to make humans perform certain tasks.

8. Cats have drinking preferences.

If you watch your cat drink water, you may notice that he or she has certain preferences. Most cats try to keep their faces (or at least their chins) dry while they drink from a bowl. Some cats drink by dipping their paws in the water first, then licking the water from their paws. No one knows exactly why they do this, but the assumption is that they don’t like the way their whiskers feel when they hit the edges of the bowl or dip in the water.

9. They really like to be clean.

Cats are meticulous groomers. In fact, many pet owners feel like their cats are always grooming themselves. While it’s probably not shocking to hear that cats like to be clean, you may be surprised to find that cats spend between 30 and 50 percent of their day on grooming. That may be why they seem so much cleaner than dogs!



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