5 Sounds Your Dog Will Love!

How to play with your dog

Dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans. They can hear sounds four times farther away than we can.

They can hear at a much higher frequency and identify each sound. For instance, they may recognize the sound of your doorbell or car and might even recognize your breathing! It’s no wonder why dogs dislike loud sounds like fireworks, thunder, vacuums and screams.

There are, however, a few sounds that dogs love and guarantee a tail wag every time.

Squeaky Toy Sound

The squeaky toy sound can bring out the inner hunter in your dog. Dogs love this sound because it’s directly linked to their predatory instincts. The mind blowing explanation derives from your dog’s inner drive to attack or hunt. The “squeak, squeak” provides your dog constant feedback and the name of the game is to silence the squeaky toy.

Try it with your fur baby:

Dog Howling Sound

Howling is a form of communication for your dog and since dogs are pack animals, it provides them with the ability to be social and stay connected. Next time you hear your dog howl, just know it’s part of their natural instincts.

Try these dog howling sounds:

Doorbell Ring Sound

Dogs love doorbells for several reasons. It brings out their inner watchdog, and they might get concerned that somebody is invading their turf. Most commonly, though, dogs get over-excited at the sound of a doorbell because they are just trying to say: “Hey Owner! There are guests at the door. Yay!”.

Can Opening Sound

This one is a pretty obvious one. Dogs love food! You probably noticed that your dog is panting, wagging his tail and jumping on you all at the same time before you even get a chance to open that can of food. That’s because dogs are creatures of habit and they love consistency. Chances are your dog knows when you’ll feed him, walk him and give him treats.

That’s why you can’t go wrong with a can opening sound. It’s bound to make your dog happy (Just make sure you give him a treat after).

Baby Laughing Sound

Dogs love the sound of a baby laughing. This has a lot to do with the bond between the baby and the dog, but in general, dogs love seeing us happy.

Try these funny baby laughing sounds on your dog:

If your dog tends to display anxiousness or seems stressed, don’t forget to try these healing sounds designed to help your dog relax.

Dog Calming Music

It’s common for dogs or puppies to get anxious when they hear thunder, when they are left alone and even when you first bring them home from the shelter. To help them calm down, it’s a good idea to play soothing music for them. This 15-hour playlist works wonders and guarantees that your fur-baby will be wagging his tail again (or take an extra long nap).

Separation Anxiety Music

Separation anxiety is a common issue for dogs and puppies. It can be hard on them and on the owner. Having a game plan is essential to get your fur-baby on track. If your pup barks non-stop as soon as you leave the house, try this 15-hour soothing music to help him feel safer and less stressed.

It’s important to let dogs act on their instincts and let them be dogs. As much as we want to cuddle them all day,  it’s essential to stimulate them with sounds, games and fun activities they enjoy. Stay tuned for more tips on how to interact with your dog!


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