Bey: Our August Pet of the Month Winner

Allivet Pet of the Month

Put your paws together for baby Bey, our August pet of the month winner! Bey was rescued by Charlene Grall along with his sister, Mimsy. Charlene rescues and places a lot of kittens through the non-profit organization The Cat Network. She found Bey a loving furever family with Danielle, his new mommy. 

When Danielle first saw Bey, it was love at first sight! Danielle gave Bey a new name: Miyo, which means beautiful child in Japanese. Miyo is now one year old. According to Danielle, Miyo is the most loving and adorable boy ever. Miyo is a super affectionate cat. He sleeps on Danielle’s chest and wakes her up with a nibble on her nose. He is also a midnight player, and incredibly smart. Danielle has to turn off all the electric toys at night because he knows how to turn on the switches. He also has his favorite British TV show, Eastenders, that he watches until the end.

Do you have a beautiful pet? Enter our June Pet Of The Month Contest to win a Wellness Package filled to the brim with pet favorites, hand-picked by our experts here at Allivet. Here’s what came in Bey’s box:

+VetCrafted Omega Max Soft Chews for both cats and dogs provide essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

+Pet Naturals Daily Digest Soft Chews for Cats are yummy, fun-shaped chews that help maintain your cat’s digestive system for optimal nutrient absorption.

+Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Tasty Beef Cat Treats are tender, soft-moist treats with big beef flavor. No corn, soy or wheat!

+Greenies Feline Dental Treats work like a toothbrush to keep your cat’s smile fresh and clean.

+Lean Treats for Cats are made with real, skinless chicken and fortified with taurine for a scrumptious, healthful treat.

+Pet Naturals Hairball Soft Chews prevent pesky hairballs from forming and help support a healthy digestive system.

+VetCrafted Antiseptic Wipes are a great alternative to bathing with a fresh cucumber melon scent.

Congratulations to our beautiful winner, Bey, and best of luck to all our September participants! Allivet pets are indeed the most beautiful pets, inside and out!

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