Train Your Cat To Sit In 5 Easy Steps

Did you know that you can train your cat to sit? Clicker training can build confidence and deepen the bond between you and your kitty. It can also help curb bad behaviors by providing positive mental stimulation. Allivet teaches you how to train your cat in 5 easy steps!

You will need:

  • A cat
  • A clicker
  • Yummy treats

1. Pick the purrfect treat– Food is the biggest motivation for cats. Pick a tasty treat from our wide selection of cat treats at the very best prices. It’s Treat Week at Allivet, the perfect time to stock up on scrumptious goodies. My kitty Malibu is hooked on Halo’s Liv-a-Littles Chicken Treats, made with real chicken and no funky fillers. Find what makes your kitty go gaga and you’ll have their full attention.

2. Show it to your cat– Show your kitty the treat, let her smell it. If it’s a new treat, you can give them a little taste so they’ll want more. Wait until your kitty is focused on getting the treat.

3. Hold it up in the air– When you have your kitty’s full attention, move the treat up above their nose in an arch towards their ear and say, “Sit”. To keep looking at the treat, they will tilt their head back and sit.

4. Click and treat– As soon as your kitty’s bottom touches the floor, click the clicker. The clicking noise will come to be associated with doing something well. It will be your way of saying “Good kitty!”. After clicking, praise your kitty and give her the treat to enjoy.

5. Repeat– Remember, repetition and consistency are the most important things when training a cat. Repeat this exercise as long as your cat is still focused, but no longer. Cats have a short attention span and you want to keep your sessions fun and light. It’s better to have several small sessions throughout the day than one long, frustrating one. With patience and time, your kitty can learn any trick in the book!

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