Comfortis is NOW Available for Cats & Small Dogs

Comfortis is a popular flea medication that helps kill adult fleas. Until now Comfortis has only been available for dogs 5 lbs to 120 lbs.

After great demand Elanco, manufacturer for Comfortis, has heard out pet owners request and have created a 90 mg tablet that can now be used for cats and small dogs 3.4-4.9 pounds.

Comfortis is a once a month chewable tablet that is given orally that will not wash off or rub off. It last for one month and starts working within 30 minutes from the time it is given to start killing fleas before they have a chance to lay their eggs.

The main ingredient in Comfortis is Spinosad an antiparasitic which causes excitation of the flea’s nervous system, leading to paralysis and speedy death. Keep in mind that up to date flea medication cannot prevent parasites from jumping onto your cat or dog, however, once the adult flea eats off of your pet’s blood the medication will then kill the insect.

Comfortis Benefits:
– Kills fleas
– Last a full month
– Kills fleas before they lay their eggs

Keeping your pet on a consistent flea control regimen will help maintain your pet from dangerous flea bites.

Treatment with Comfortis is recommended before flea season becomes active and for areas where fleas are active year-round, monthly treatment with Comfortis should be continued all year without interruption.

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