How To Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation

Get rid of fleas fast!

Did you know that the adult fleas you see on your pet are only 5% of the total flea infestation? The real problem lies in what you can’t see: eggs, larvae and pupae.

So what do you do once you see fleas on your pet? At that point, it’s simply not enough to just put a preventative spot-on treatment and call it a day. A spot-on treatment will kill the fleas on your pet, but what about all the eggs and larvae on the carpet and bedding? Here are some tips to get rid of flea infestations fast:

  1. Vacuum your home daily, especially carpeting where fleas LOVE to lay eggs. You can sprinkle some Diatomaceous Earth ($7.99) on your carpets before vacuuming and in hard to reach places, even on your pet. This is a safe powder for humans and animals that causes fleas to die of dehydration.
  2. Throw all the fabrics and pet bedding in the washer with HOT, soapy water so the eggs and larva can’t survive.
  3. Spray clean fabrics with a flea spray such as Adams Plus Flea & Tick Spray. You can find it on our website for $8.99
  4. If you can, bathe your cat but make sure her claws are trimmed (again, I learned this the hard way!) I personally prefer NaturVet Herbal Flea Shampoo, because it contains all-natural ingredients and it’s only $6.99
  5. Use a soothing spray to help with the itch. The biggest problem with flea infestations is cats developing allergic reactions resulting in dermatitis. Also keep in mind that all the scratching can get bacteria from their claws under the skin- not good! DVM’s Relief Spray works wonders. On that note, if you’re cat has been fighting fleas for a while, an omega-3 supplement will help them heal their skin and coat. I use NaturVet’s Salmon Oil on my cat’s food and she loves it!
  6. Set a flea trap: Put soapy water in a shallow plate under a desk lamp. The light and reflection of the water will draw the fleas in, but because of the soap, they won’t be able to get out! This can help you measure the progress you’re making by how many dead fleas you find in the morning!
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