It’s Spring Time!

Best Products To Take Care Of Your Vets In Spring

The weather is warm, flowers are blooming everywhere, and summer is just around the corner. Spring time is a lovely season for pets too: perfect for long walks, chasing bugs, and lounging in the sun. But the delicious balmy weather can pose new challenges to pet parents with curious fur babies. Check out these five easy tips to keep your pet safe during spring time!

  1. Watch out for Easter treats and decorations! You know those delicious chocolate bunnies that melt in your mouth? Well, if you’ve been our blog assiduously, you know by now that chocolate is a big no-no for cats and dogs. But did you know that Easter lilies can also be fatal for pets? Always evaluate the safety of anything you bring into your pet’s environment. And please remember, if your pet ingests something toxic, contact your vet immediately!
  2. Do not buy “seasonal pets”. Unless you are prepared to take care of that cute little chick or bunny when they grow up, do not give into an impulse buy because of the season. Sure, these pets are adorable as babies! But they grow up fast and often require specialized care. A pet, depending on lifecycle, is a long-term commitment that should be entered only after proper preparation and planning. Get some peeps and chocolate bunnies instead! Just keep the chocolate out of your pet’s reach, as discussed in the first tip.
  3. Remember pets can get allergies too. Just like us, many pets can get the itchiness and sniffles that spring often brings. Pets can be allergic to food, plants, pollen, and dust. If your pet is allergic to food, they may develop skin conditions along with other health issues. Invest in a hypoallergenic pet food and an omega supplement for healthy skin and coat. Allivet also carries products for hot spot relief and general allergy support.
  4. Prevent pesky pests. Running around chasing butterflies might be fun for your pet, but life outdoors can also expose them to pesky critters. Mosquitoes can carry heartworm disease, and fleas and ticks abound in warm weather. Check out our nifty heartworm infographics for dogs and cats, and get the heartworm prevention that’s right for your pet. Allivet has the best prices on flea and tick preventatives, and a handy chart for dogs and cats to help you choose the product your pet needs.
  5. Keep your pet in mind for “spring cleaning”. Ah, the feeling of a fresh, perfectly organized, clean home! Spring cleaning is an important tradition in many households, or at least it should be. However, try to keep harsh chemicals at a minimum. Our pets have very sensitive noses and smaller bodies; what is barely noticeable for you can bring great discomfort to your pet. Check out these awesome products specifically designed to clean up pet messes in a breeze. Also, while you’re at it, make sure you do a bit of pet-proofing. Put the small stuff that can be easily swallowed in drawers, protect them from dangling cables and keep dangerous things such as medications and harsh chemicals out of their reach.
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