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Boom!  Thunder rumbles loudly outside your house frightening your dog or puppy causing them to bark.  What can you do to help your poor doggie deal with this stressful situation?  

It can make you very annoyed when your dog is barking.  But, it’s important to understand that this is your dog’s way of communicating with you.  In fact, dogs communicate with us all the time, only without words.  Instead, they use a combination of body language, facial expressions, and vocalizations to tell us what they’re thinking and feeling.  Learning these signals will immensely improve your relationship with your dog or puppy.

Dogs are social animals that use non-verbal communication with each other to create a happy pack.  Members of the pack avoid problems by behaving in predictable ways and following the canine social rules.  Doggies consider their owners a part of their social group and expect them to behave in a clear and predictable manner.  When owners act inconsistently and change on a regular basis it can create anxiety for the pet.  Not all the signals your dogs give you will be as direct as barking.   Turning the head away and avoiding eye contact, licking the lips and wrinkling the forehead are signs your pet is uncomfortable with what is happening.  Other more obvious signs your dog is stressed include drooling, scratching, hiding and trembling.

So, when your dog is barking at thunder or hiding from the pizza delivery man it’s up to you to help your dog through the situation.  What’s a good tool to help ease the tension and stress your pet is experiencing and cheer them up?   Pheromones!

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are messages animals use for themselves or others to communicate.  These messages can only be detected by another animal of the same species.  The pheromones produced by mother dogs after giving birth reassure her puppies, giving them a constant feeling of safety and comfort.  Upon smelling these pheromones, your dogs or puppies will be eased through their difficult experience.

Adaptil is an easy-to-use and very convenient product line that utilizes a replica of this special scent.  It comes in many forms including the Adaptil collar, Adaptil diffuser, and Adaptil spray.

The Adaptil collar releases dog appeasing pheromones constantly.  It is very easy to use, simply put the collar around your dog’s neck and make sure your collar is in close contact with the dog’s skin at all times.   Great for puppy socialization, training, and outside dogs!  The collar comes in two sizes of adjustable collars: puppy/small dogs and medium/large dogs.

Also available is the Adaptil diffuser which emits the pheromone through a convenient device you simply plug into the wall.  To use the diffuser,  simply screw the vial into the diffuser unit, plug it into a low-level electric socket, and switch it on to keep your dog relaxed and friendly.  Allivet carries refills which include vials that last one month or two months.  Please avoid plugging the diffuser under shelves, or behind doors, curtains or furniture.

Adaptil also comes in the form of the Adaptil Spray.  The Adaptil Spray makes traveling and visits to the vets much less stressful.  Very useful for when you’re on the go!  Adaptil can be used to spray your dog’s bed, inside crates, indoor kennels, and inside the car.  The areas should be sprayed 15 minutes before your dog is introduced into the environment.  Be careful not to spray your dog directly with Adaptil spray or to spray near your pet’s face.

Adaptil is used by professionals all over the world!  Adaptil is recommended by companion animal veterinary surgeons and many veterinarians use Adaptil to help their dogs relax in their office.  It’s been proven at homes and by professionals to work!  Help alleviate your puppy or dogs stress today and try out Adaptil!

If you have a cat, try out Feliway, the kitty version of Adaptil.

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