Natural Ways to Combat Itching and Scratching In Dogs

Most of us have experienced itching episodes from time to time. Whether it is as a result of dry skin, allergic reaction, or a bug bite, itching can be a real pain.

How tough can itching be for dogs? Probably a lot worse than it is for humans. Does your dog scratch, lick, or chew on itself? It is time to help you fur baby. It is also important you do it the right way. Here are tested and proven natural ways to combat itching and scratching in dogs.

Bath and Groom Properly

Taking good care of your dog will help to keep most of the causative factors of itching at bay. Most cases of itching are caused by allergies, and proper grooming can go a long way in alleviating the problem for your pet. There are several soothing natural ingredients you can use to take good care of your dogs. The VetCrafted Itch Relief Shampoo is efficient and can help your dog greatly. It is an anti-itch cleansing formula made with the best natural ingredients. 

Feed a Wholesome Diet

The better your dog’s nutrition, the better their bodies and overall wellbeing: there are no two ways about that. A wholesome diet will help to keep your dog healthy and go a long way in preventing skin issues that are not linked to allergens. A healthy dog will also find it easy to fight off and heal from allergies and external stressors. There are immune supplements that can also help your dog respond to environmental, seasonal, and skin factors. Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites is one of the best immune system supplements for your dog.

Consider Relevant Supplements

Besides proper nutrition and regular immune-boosting supplements, there are other natural supplements that can help alleviate dog allergies. Omega-3 Fatty Acids, for instance, are very helpful in improving dog’s skin and coat, keeping their natural oil in a healthy amount, and protecting them from most of the things responsible for itching and scratching. Petipet Turmeric Bars are some of the best supplements that can help protect your dog from itching, scratching, and shedding. It is also natural. 

Manage Heat and Moisture

Dogs, like other animals, need their environment to be conducive in order to enjoy optimal health. Now, they can’t do much for themselves, so it is up to you to make your dog’s environment great. Make sure your home and where the dog stays are always cool. If you live in a dry climate, try using humidifiers to improve the condition of the air. Make sure your dogs always have access to freshwater. When grooming, don’t use a high heat blow dryer on your dogs: their skins are sensitive. 

Use a Natural Skin & Itch Relief Formula

If your dog suffers from an allergy, there is a limit to what you can do to protect them. When itching sets in, you can help them further by getting the right allergy relief formula. As we have maintained in this post, natural products are the best. There are several natural skin and itch relief formulas for dogs and other pets. One of the most remarkable ones out there is HomeoPet Skin & Itch. This is an all-natural product that provides your pet with temporary allergy relief. It will support coat and skin health also.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is unarguably one of the most useful plants out there. Just as it helps humans in many ways, it helps animals too. You can use aloe vera to soothe your dog’s skin and promote general comfort and healing. It can be applied topically to cool the skin and relieve itch. You can use fresh aloe vera gel if you have the plant at home or buy alcohol-free aloe vera lotion from drugstores.

Try Essential Oils

Essential oils offer many benefits to dogs and other animals. They are helpful in calming red, inflamed skin. Some of the best ones to consider using on your dog are lavender, chamomile, and peppermint. You can also try myrrh if your dog has already suffered damaged skin. As stated earlier, giving your dogs appropriate supplements can help boost their immune system and keep allergies in check. Another top supplement to consider is Zest Paws Advanced Aller-Immune Bites. This advanced supplement has some of the most potent natural ingredients, including probiotics, quercetin, and wild Alaskan salmon oil.

Itching and scratching can be harsh on dogs. You need to help your dog(s) combat the problem, especially during allergy seasons. The seven natural ways discussed here are tested and proven. Do the right thing for your furry friends and enjoy their companionships.

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