Panacur Suspension 10%

Panacur: is a suspension used for the control horses and cattles as a dewormer of large strongyles, smallstrongyles, pinworms, and also roundworms. The parasites are expelled through the animal’s feces after the suspension has killed them. Each mL of Panacur will deliver 100 mg of febendazole.

The proper dose will be determined by the body weight, it should always be administered orally. Use a dosing syringe to administer correct dosage. Insert nozzle of syringe through the interdental space and deposit the drug on the back of the tongue by depressing the plunger. The drug may also be administered by stomach tube. There are no known contraindications to the use of the drug in cattle or horses.

All horses should be routinely wormed with the single dose regimen every 6‑8 weeks. When administered in liquid feed by divided dosage, Panacur 10% Suspension may not be effective against Strongyloides.

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