Performance Supplements for Horses

performance supplements for horses

Horses are amazing animals not only for their beauty, but for their performance. For more than 4,000 years, humans have used horses for personal transportation, carrying heavy loads over rough terrain, sports, and for the sheer joy of riding a magnificent creature across a wide field.

With all the hard work a horse does, it is important to provide your horse with the right food, medications, and supplements to ensure its performance is not hindered.

Performance supplements for horses support muscle recovery and peak performance which could lead to better results. Over the years researchers have made progress toward formulating more precise nutritional recommendations for specific types of equine activity. Many horse owners give their horses supplements that support their energy and performance. These supplements are very beneficial to maintain the proper needs the horse requires.

Featured product


red cell recovery paste for horsesRed Cell Recovery Paste is a post exercise/event muscle recovery paste for horses. It maintains and minimizes post exercise muscle breakdown that occurs after intense training/competition and helps them recover faster. It also helps replace electrolytes lost due to sweating. Available in easy to administer 60 cc oral paste syringes.

You may also wish to try:

Cellarator X is a highly concentrated formula allows horses to reproduce the red and white blood cells essential to fighting diseases and handling stress.

BC2A Equine Paste branched chain amino acids is a patented paste consisting of the essential amino acids that help to regulate lactic acid build up and smooth recovery post-exertion.

Creatine Pure Powder is a muscle-enhancing feed-supplement that aids in muscle recovery time, and it helps the horses regain muscle mass faster after a bone fracture. Creatine assists in delaying fatigue & prolonging peak performance.

Edge Performance Paste for improved stamina, respiration and performance. This superior electrolyte helps prevent muscle fatigue. Edge is a nutritional source of energy before or after athletic events and a defense against respiratory allergies.

DMG Pure Powder is a nutritional supplement for horses that aids in overall athletic performance, endurance and oxygen utilization. It helps reduce post-exercise muscle lactic acid levels and improves recovery time.

Muscle-UP Powder – is a premium, fast-absorbing vitamin and mineral muscle-building supplement containing Gamma Oryzanol, Creatine and DMG.

Equine Vitamin B12 Gel is an excellent nutrient supplementation of B12. Equine vitamin B12 is formulated for horses in training or prior to performance events.

Total Respiratory and Endurance Paste – Acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal to combat issues that can lead to respiratory distress in horses. Work horses will experience enhanced performance and race horses times due to its increase in oxygen carrying capacity in the blood.

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