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Temaril-P, an exceptional medication made by Zoetis, is a FDA-approved prescription medication for dogs which alleviates multiple symptoms utilizing it’s unique combination of active ingredients. Temaril-P contains an antihistamine (trimeprazine tartate) and a corticosteroid (prednisolone) which together help treat itchiness, inflammation, and coughing. Below we’ll go into further detail about these two ingredients and why they are so effective.

Temaril-P contains 5mg of trimeprazine which amazingly acts as both an antipruritic (which was the properties of an antihistamine also known as an anti-itch drug) and as an antitussive (also known as a cough medicine). The antihistamine property of Temaril-P helps with your pets itchiness no matter the condition, including dermatitis, parasites, eczema, and allergies. Temaril-P completely stops your pet’s desire to scratch. This can lead to the prevention of pustules which are raw areas created after your pet scratches a particular area profusely. The antitussive agent within Temaril-P is effective in treating your dogs cough which includes tracheobronchitis that also goes by the name of kennel cough. Temaril-P can treat any coughs whether it’s allergies or any other conditions except those related to the heart. Not only does Temaril-P contain trimeprazine, with all its amazing properties included, is also contains prednisolone.

Temaril-P contains a quantity of 2mg of prednisolone which is a corticosteroid that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that is helpful for skin conditions affecting your pet that have become inflamed and irritated. Prednisolone together with the antihistamine trimeprazine work in a synergistic combination as trimeprazine stops the itching and prednisolone reduces the inflammation effects that come about after an allergic reaction. As with all other steroids there is some potential for side effects. Despite this Temaril-P has still been proven to have fewer side effects than other products containing steroids.

Temaril-P is a great way to treat a large assortment of symptoms to help alleviate dogs from itchiness, inflammation, and coughing stemming from any ailment or allergic reaction. Help relieve your dog’s coughing, itching, and inflammation and get Temaril-P 1 count or stock up with the 100 count bottle at Allivet! Temaril-P covers so many symptoms it’s a must need medication for any dog feeling under the weather, ask your vet today about Temaril-P!

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