Protect Your Pet! Fourth of July Safety Tips

Hey there pet lovers! Fourth of July, one of the biggest celebrations of the year in the US, is right around the corner! Although Independence Day is a perfect day to have a party in the back yard or go to a fireworks show at night with all of your loved ones, you might want to consider leaving your furry friends out of this one. Many of the activities involved in celebrating can be extremely hazardous to your pet, especially the most popular part of this holiday: Fireworks. Fireworks may seem like a beautiful and very amusing thing to us humans, but most of our pets do not feel the same. Fireworks, whether lit up in the air, or being stored in your home prior to the holiday, can be harmful to your pet. Here are some helpful tips on firework safety that will keep your loved one safe on this day:

1. Store fireworks in a Pet-Free zone – Fireworks are made up of many toxic substances. If your pet has any access to these items, they can be poisoned by them. Make sure to keep your fireworks inside pet-proof packaging and in an area that your pet cannot get to!

2. Label your pets – The loud noises that are produced by Fireworks can cause your pet to become greatly distressed and anxious. A large amount lost dogs and cats are found on July 5th This anxiety causes them to either feel very terrified seek help, unleash themselves from their restraints, and even jump a fence, and they have no tags or labels. Make sure your pet has the proper information on them so that they can be identified.

3. Tire them out – A great way to prepare your pet for a night of full of loud noise and commotion is to make sure they are tired out a few hours before the spectacle. Take your pet out for a long walk, or run, a few hours before the events. Being tired allows your pet to more easily relax which is important when coping with anxiety.

4. Make them comfortable – Rather than taking your pet to a loud and crowded area, make sure your pet is in a comfortable and safe setting: at home. You can even leave the TV or Radio on in order to mask the sound of the fireworks with a more familiar sound.

5. Be prepared – Calming products are a solution when thinking of how to stop anxiety in your pets. Calming products can reduce fear and control stress-related behavior in your pet. Adaptil D.A.P Dog Appeasing Diffuser is very effective and can be used to calm dogs and puppies during loud noises, like fireworks, as well as other stressful times for your dog. Another alternative, that can be used by both dogs AND cats is HomeoPet Anxiety Relief, which is a natural homeopathic liquid used to promote calmness in pets.

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