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Pet’s have different kinds of hair just like people. Commonly known as fur, some have  long hair some are short; some have spots some have none! You will notice your pet’s hair especially during the shedding season when it’s all over your couch or favorite clothes. However, it’s important to care for your dog’s hair every day, no matter the season. A simple comb or brushing will not be enough for certain breeds. Choosing the right brush enables you to take care of your dogs coat properly. IF you are not sure what your dog’s coat is, ask your vet or research on the internet.

Shampoo for your dog!  Don’t just use any shampoo and conditioner. Use ones that are specifically formulated for the type of coat your dog has. DO NOT use human shampoo and conditioner. Dogs and humans have totally different genes.  Human shampoo may even dry a dog’s hair that can lead to dandruff and increase shedding. I always recommend:

Nolvasan Shampoo cleans and restores luster to the hair coats of dogs, cats and horses. Nolvasan shampoo has excellent cleansing and deodorizing properties as well. Leaves the pet’s coat with a pleasant fresh fragrance after shampooing. Many reviews of pet owners saying on how much compliments they get about their dog’s fur, how shiny and clean it looks.

Make sure when your pet is wet in lukewarm water, DO NOT BATHE your pet with ICY WATER or HOT WATER. Apply enough shampoo to make lather, adding more water if necessary. Massage into the hair coat for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse hair and skin thoroughly with clean water. A second application of shampoo may be applied if necessary. Drythoroughly. Try to avoid the shampoo from contacting the pet’s eyes and yours!  Keep out of the reach of children as well.

To conclude, in order to prevent icky fur and dry skin on your pet. I would recommend to use Nolvasan shampoo, great brand with 100% guarantee results.

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