Strongid C 2X

The leading cause of colic in horses is parasites (worms). That is why it is so important to have a strong parasite control program. While there are several ways to successfully control parasites a relatively good one is STRONGID C 2X. These pellets come in 10 pound buckets. The de-worming medication is mixed into alfalfa pellets. By feeding this daily your horse receives a small dose of pyrantel tartate, the active ingredient, ridding your horse of all the parasites accumulated in the past 24 hours.

Researchers investigated the use of STRONGID C 2X in relation to small strongyles. The larger strongyles are the more well known “blood worms” whose migration within the vessels leading to the intestines have long been implicated in acute colic. Their relatives, the small strongyles, are more insidious in nature. Large infections with small strongyles are often responsible for chronic debility, poor nutrition and some clinical disease. Researchers showed that by feeding STRONGID C 2X on a daily basis they were able to dramatically reduce egg counts in the manure. Examination both grossly and under a microscopic revealed inflammation of the intestinal lining to be dramatically reduced and the number of encysted larva significantly smaller in the group given STRONGID C 2X.

In a second study, daily feeding of STRONGID C 2X was compared to every other month treatment with Ivermectin. The purpose of this study was to determine which method of parasite control was best for growing young horses. By the end of the 10 month trial the answer was clear. The STRONGID C 2X group gained more weight with less with less food.

These two studies show that another step along the way of producing maximum condition in your horses can be daily administration of STRONGID C 2X. They also point out that infestation of worms may not show themselves with overt clinical disease. Instead it may show up as the need for more feed. For many STRONGID C 2X combined with twice yearly standard de-wormings will become the normal parasite control program.

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