Best Chewables To Keep Your Puppy Healthy: Heartgard + Nexgard

medication for healthy puppies

Your fur baby is there when you need him/her the most. They are the perfect companions and always manage to cheer us up. It’s a perfect time to pamper your pup with an extra long walk outdoors, a play session and the right treatments to support their growth.

We know meditations can get expensive, especially for preventative treatments like heartworm and ticks + fleas. At Allivet, we strive to provide your pet with the best medications and supplies while being cost effective.

Since it’s National Puppy Day, we thought you might want to get your puppy started with two of our best selling medications to help prevent heartworm and keep ticks and fleas away.

Heartworm Treatment: Heartgard Plus Chewables For Dogs

Heartgard Plus Chewables help prevent the growth of heartworm in dogs and puppies through a monthly treatment.

Check out this chart to help you understand the symptoms of heartworm in puppies as well as how to treat it.

Ticks and Fleas Treatment: Nexgard for Dogs and Puppies

Nexgard Chewables eliminate pesky ticks + fleas and keep your puppy from infestation. It’s perfect for puppies 8 weeks and older.

Don’t forget that these treatments are vital to the health of your pup. Head to our site and save 10% on your first AutoShip order and 5% on all future AutoShip orders.


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