Chubby Pup? Here Are a Few Helpful Diet Tips for Dogs

Chubby Dog

Almost all dogs love mealtime, and treats are a fun way to reward your pet. However, if a dog eats too much or doesn’t get enough exercise, he can gain weight — and he may get to the point where he needs to lose a few pounds. If you have a chubby pup on your hands, fear not! There are some easy ways to help him shed the excess weight. Here are a few of the best.

Skip the Store-Bought

Instead of only feeding your pup store-bought food, mix in some human food to their diet as well — like fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. By avoiding some of the grain-based food, you can ensure they get enough nutrients but fewer calories. Make sure you check with your vet to see what is healthy for a dog to eat, and what is not, as some human foods are toxic for dogs.

Up the Exercise

Take your dog on more walks and play with him more. In addition to adding exercise in these straightforward ways, you can also incorporate more movement into his daily routine: move his food and water bowl upstairs so he has to burn calories to get there, or make him fetch his leash or toys and bring them to you when he wants to play or walk. By incorporating more movement into his life, you can help him naturally burn more calories.

Cut Out Pre-made Treats

Treats (especially store-bought ones) can be high in calories. Skip the treats as rewards, and instead, reward your dog with regular food (or healthy human food). That way, when you’re giving your dog an edible reward, you’re not also giving him an unhealthy and unnecessary amount of calories.

Talk to Your Vet

Before you start a weight loss regime for your pet, make sure you talk to your vet about the best course of action. Your vet may be able to give you tips, advice, or even low-calorie food; he or she may also want to examine your dog to make sure another health issue isn’t causing the excess weight. By consulting a medical professional, you can ensure that you keep your dog as healthy — and as happy — as possible for as long as you can.

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