Surprising Things You’ll Love to Know About Dogs

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You may be a dog lover, and think that you know everything about your furry friend that there is to know. However, there are some less commonly-known facts about dogs that may make you love your pooch more than you already do. Here are some awesome, surprising things you should learn about dogs.

Dogs are at Least as Smart as Toddlers

When your dog does something silly or naughty you may be thinking, “He is just a dog after all.” Well, it may surprise you to learn that experts believe that in some ways, dogs are as smart and sophisticated as two to three-year-old children. So, next time you doubt your dog’s intelligence, remember that they may be just as smart as your little kid sitting next to them.

Dogs Can Hear at Least Three Times Better than Humans

Dogs don’t only have a better sense of smell than humans — they also have a much better sense of hearing. Dogs can hear higher frequencies than humans (think — dog whistle) and they can also hear around four times farther away. They can also distinguish very specific sounds (like your car door opening vs. a stranger’s).

Dogs Have a Natural Sense of Direction

Dogs have a natural built-in compass inside of their body, which helps them go in the right direction — even when they’re lost. Dogs can sense the earth’s magnetic field, which helps them become natural navigators.

Dogs Can Smell Diseases

Dogs are great support animals because they offer companionship and affection. However, they can also smell when something is off with a human’s body. Dogs have been able to detect cancer by sense of smell, and they can also smell diabetes symptoms and seizures as they’re coming on. So, if you have health risks or you could use some help predicting unpredictable health conditions — consider getting a furry friend for help!

Dogs are renowned for being man’s best friend — and now that you know all of the above cool facts, you may just feel even closer to your furry BFF!


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