Is Your Pet Spooked By Halloween?


Halloween can be a spooky time for pets with lots of strangers coming to the door, scary noises and new smells. Here’s a pawesome tip to ease your pet’s stress:

ThunderShirts are safe, easy, drug-free solution for anxious pets. ThunderShirts wrap comfortably around your pet to mimic the swaddling of an infant. This light, comforting pressure helps calm pets down instantly and safely. ThunderShirt for dogs comes in three classic colors: grey, pink, and blue. Allivet also carries ThunderShirt for cats in grey.

ThunderShirt can help your pet remain calm for Halloween. ThunderShirts also help with fireworks, separation anxiety, loud noises, travel, and other stressful or triggering events for pets. ThunderShirts are recommended by trainers and veterinarians. ThunderShirts are easy-to-use and drug-free.

You can find ThunderShirts at Allivet for the guaranteed lowest price of $39.99.

Have you tried ThunderShirts? Do you have any pet calming tips? Let us know in the comments section!

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