How To Order Pet Meds Online

Have you considered buying pet meds online? Can you trust online pet pharmacies? What are the risks of ordering your pet’s medications online? What are the benefits?

We all want to give our pets the very best, but we also want to save money wherever possible. Especially with vet bills being so high, you don’t want to add a financial stress on top of having a sick pet at home. So what is the best way to save on pet meds? Buy them online!

When you go to a vet’s office, you pay an extra premium for the convenience of ordering your pet medication right there. This is because your vet usually has a higher markup than online pet pharmacies. Large and well established online pet pharmacies such as Allivet process hundreds of orders per day, so they don’t need to markup the medication as much to make a profit. Plus, the inventory moves a lot faster, which means you usually get better expiration dates than at your vet’s office. Successful online pharmacies are able to get special deals with distributors and manufacturers, passing those savings on to you.

Even better, you can order from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and have your pet’s medications delivered right to your doorstep. So better products, lower prices and more convenient service- what’s the catch? There are three major concerns when ordering pet meds online:

  1. Trust– Can you trust this pharmacy? Are they licensed? Are they selling fake or expired medication? Look for a well-established pet pharmacy with many years in business. Check that the pharmacy is licensed in your state, and that they uphold all pharmacy laws.
  2. Price– Are you getting the best pricing? Luckily, this is something you can check online by comparing prices from different vendors. With the lowest price guarantee, you won’t even have to do that!
  3. Service– What happens if something goes wrong? If you get the wrong medication delivered, what happens then? Will they leave you hanging? Always remember to read the pharmacy’s shipping and return policy. You can also check sites such as Reseller Ratings, SiteJabber, Google Reviews, and many others to see what previous customers are saying.
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