Assess Changes in Your Horse’s Hoof Health

Horse hoof health

Your horse, Frank, was trucking along just fine barefoot until you made the move from Arizona to Florida — in the Summer no less. You’ve only been there a couple months, and his hooves are starting to spilt and crack.

Poor, Frank. Why is this happening? And the bigger question is, now what?

Hoof issues are not only concerning, but rather challenging to resolve. Many factors can contribute to your horse’s hoof decline. Here are three questions Frank’s owner — and all other horse owners — should consider when assessing changes in hoof health. Read More

Owning a Dog Has All Sorts of Benefits (Beyond the Snuggles)

Owning a Dog

You’re happy. You don’t feel lonely. You’re active. You find yourself smiling more. If you’re a dog owner,  you instinctively know that you’ve got it good. Dog ownership isn’t just about the fun, it’s about enhancing your life and sharing it with another being – in this case, a furball who wants to sit in your lap, lick your face all night long and protect the house (even if they’re just 10 pounds).

No, you’re not crazy and you’re not just bitten by the Doggie Love Bug. Science backs your claims as does other research: there are a billion wonderful benefits of dog ownership. Here, we’ve gathered just a few. Read More

Pet Ownership: Is It Right For You?

While pet ownership is a joy for both the owner and the pet, it is also a big commitment. Many people adopt a dog or cat, only to later discover that the responsibility is too much for them to handle. Sometimes people simply don’t have the time or resources to take care of an animal, but it usually comes down to preference more than anything. For example, many pet owners pick a pet from a local shelter, giving primary consideration to appearance. Later, they find that the animal’s temperament doesn’t mesh well with their own.

Thankfully, it’s easy to prevent this situation if you do your research. Before adopting, here are some questions you should ask yourself to make sure pet ownership is right for you. Read More

How to Keep Your Dog off Your Couch

Dog on Couch

Why is your couch your refuge at the end of a hard day? Obvious isn’t it? It’s soft and comfortable that you sink your aching limbs and body into it for a while before doing anything else. Is it any different for your pet dog? Your dog is not the biggest fan of the hard floor and naturally prefers your living room couch over anything else. While you do adore your pet, you would like to sit on a couch that’s not covered with mud, hair and doesn’t reek of ‘doggy-smells’. Keeping your dog off the couch could take some doing and can be quite a challenge.

There are many things that you can do to restrict pet-access to your couch, so let’s take a look at a few. Read More