18 Amazing Cat Facts

18 amazing cat facts

Are cats psychic? Do cats dream? Do you know what Bezoar means? Do you know what a cat is doing when it slowly blinks at you?  Do you know who invented the cat “flap door? Have you ever wondered about these things?

Well, hopefully this article will help answer these questions and many others you may have about cats.

  1. Unlike humans, cats don’t require night vision googles when prowling around at night. Their ability to see in the dark is 6 times greater than humans’.
  2. If your cat blinks at you slowly, blink back. It’s how cats kiss.
  3. Cats greet each other by rubbing noses. It’s their way of shaking hands.
  4. The ancient Egyptians were the first to domesticate the cat (in about 3000 BC), and used them to control pests.
  5. Cats are not lazy. They just like to sleep, a lot. An adult cat is awake for approximately 6-8 hours a day. The rest of the time? The cat sleeps.
  6. Humans are not the only ones who dream. Cats as young as one week old have been known to dream.
  7. Since cats are obligate carnivores (meat eaters), their jaws can only move back to front, and not side to side.
  8. Prolific reproducers female kittens can become pregnant at 4 months of age.
  9. Watching a cat swat ornaments off a Christmas tree can be lots of fun. But! Keep your cat away from the poinsettias, these beautiful holiday plants are poison to cats.
  10. A Maine Coon cat can weight up to 24 pounds! This makes it one of the most massive breed of house cat.
  11. Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat “flap” door besides coming up with the Law of Gravity.
  12. A cat has 12 whiskers on each side of its muzzle. It uses them to show mood, get around, and measure openings.
  13. Cats love to look their best. In fact, they spend one third of their lives cleaning themselves.
  14. Cats eat grass to help them with digestion.
  15. A cat has the ability to sense human feelings and moods giving them almost psychic powers.
  16. Being able to land on its feet is a remarkable feat reserved for cats. A highly developed balance-organ located in the cat’s inner ear gives it this ability. When falling from a height, this organ allows a cat to straighten itself in mid-air and make a “purr-fect” four paw landing.
  17. Meowing is only reserved when cats want to communicate with humans. To communicate with each other, cats typically hiss, purr and spit.
  18. Impress your friends by saying “bezoar” the next time you talk about hairballs. Bezoar is the scientific name for hairballs.

Do you know any amazing cat facts that you would like to share?

If yes, let us know in the comments section.

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