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Do You Have a Twitchy Cat?

nervous looking cat

Your cat is sleeping peacefully. Suddenly! It wakes up startled with eyes wide open; its pupils are dilated. Your cat is on high alert for no apparent reason. It starts scratching itself or licking and biting its flank like there’s no tomorrow. It then runs around the house like it is being chased by an invisible dog. Then, just as suddenly your cat acts like nothing is wrong and it goes back to sleep.

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5 Super Ways to Keep Your Pets Stress Free During a Super Bowl Party

dog and kitten football

The decision is FINAL! This year’s Super Bowl Party will be held in your house. The guest list is done. The invitations have been sent out. The decorations, the food and the beverages are in position. The TV’s reception is crystal clear. The Wi-Fi signal is strong. You have your game face on. You are ready for The Big Game! But, what about your pets?

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Allivet Pet Pharmacy Launches Questions and Answers Forum

For Immediate Release

Contact:   José R. Alonso
Phone:     305-500-9954 Extension 104



New Forum Allows Customers to Engage with Each Other and Allivet


MIAMI January 7, 2016 –  Allivet Pet Pharmacy introduced a “Questions & Answers” section to its website which will enable customers to interact with each other as well as Allivet concerning questions about products and medications for their pets.

The new section will act as forum in which customers can share questions, comments, or tips on a particular product. The tab for the forum will appear underneath the product’s description.

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