Pets and Presidents: Who will be the Next FPETOUS*?

who will be the next first pet of the United States

The Presidential Election is rapidly approaching. Soon Americans will get to choose their next president. Regardless of who wins, Americans will have a new POTUS (President of the United States) and a new *FPETOUS (First Pet of the United States). Will the new FPETOUS be a dog, a cat, or an alligator (President John Quincy Adams had one)? We won’t know until after the elections.

In the meantime, take a minute to read about past presidents and their pets.


James Madison – as the fourth president of the United States, Madison helped draft the United States Constitution and authored the Bill of Rights. Mr. Madison’s likeness appears on the $5,000 bill which is no longer in circulation. First Lady Dolley Madison owned a green parrot.

John Quincy Adams – before becoming the sixth U.S. president, Adams helped secure the purchase of Florida, and he helped expand the northern border of the continental United States. President Adams was the proud owner an alligator who took up residence the White House bathroom.

Andrew Jackson – known as the “Working Man’s” President, Jackson served as this country’s seventh president. In his second term in office, Jackson was able to pay off the national debt which was way over $50 million. An avid horse lover, President Jackson owned five horses. He also had a parrot named Poll who could swear like a sailor.

Zachary Taylor – prior to becoming the twelfth president of the United States, Taylor was a war hero known for maintaining his cool under enemy fire. Old Whitey, Taylor’s war horse, accompanied him to the White House. Old Whitey was often seen grazing on the White House lawn.

Ulysses Grant – was the 18th president of the United States. While in office President Grant was heavily committed to abolishing slavery. A passionate horseman and animal lover, Grant owned seven horses, two dogs, gamecocks and a parrot.

Dwight D. Eisenhower – elected as the 34th President of the United States, Eisenhower was highly instrumental in ending the war in Korea, pushing forward with the desegregation of schools, and creating the Interstate Highway System. Eisenhower owned a Weimaraner named Heidi, and a parakeet named Gabby which was buried in the southwest corner of the executive mansion.

Bill Clinton – during his terms in office the country enjoyed a period of economic expansion. Clinton was able to implement changes to the social welfare system, and State Children’s Health Insurance programs. Clinton had a dog named Socks, and a chocolate Labrador retriever named Buddy.

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To learn more about presidents and their pets, please take a virtual tour of the Presidential Pet Museum by copying and pasting this URL into your web browser

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