3 Easy Steps To Finding a Trusted Online Pet Pharmacy

Best online pet pharmacy

Making sure your pet is healthy is a  huge priority for all pet parents. Most pets need monthly treatments to stay healthy and prevent common illnesses like Flea and Ticks as well as Heartworm related ones. Other pets require a stock of meds to fight diseases and keep them healthy. Pet medications can add up and for some, they can break the bank.

Many pet parents turn to online pharmacies for several reasons including: significantly lower prices on medications, quick online payment, convenient free auto-shipping services and in general, for a hassle-free experience.

While these pose a great alternative to purchasing your pet’s medications through a Vet’s office or pet store, it’s important to choose a trusted online pharmacy that can deliver on their word. Most importantly, it’s important to make sure these pharmacies carry the right medications, are accredited and have a location in the country you live in.

Here are 3 easy steps to find the right pet pharmacy for you and your pet:

Step 1:

Make sure you check for .pharmacy certification accreditation. Most reputable pharmacies will have this somewhere on their website. This accreditation basically tells consumers that the pharmacy is following the strict rules enforced by the NABP. These include rules on how to store, sell and dispose of pet medications. Here is what it looks like.

Step 2:

Be weary if they don’t ask for a prescription. Most pet medications require a prescription from a vet. For instance, at checkout, Allivet Pet Pharmacy will ask you to share the name of your Vet and their contact info. They will take care of reaching out to the Vet to obtain this prescription. Alternatively, you can also provide a digital copy. It’s a huge red flag if an online pharmacy doesn’t require or ask for a prescription.

Step 3

Make sure the online pharmacy you are planning on using is based out of the United States. It’s important that any business operating from another part of the world has different accreditations and review processes. You and your pet are safer choosing a pharmacy with a physical location in the United States.

Finally, make sure you are paying attention to reviews and overall ratings for the online pharmacy you are planning to use. An added bonus is to make sure the pharmacy has longevity in the industry and that they have been around for a while.

Once you’re set on a pharmacy, purchasing your pet’s medication is a very easy process. You will simply choose the med/s you need, add it to your cart, fill out the contact info, shipping info, Vet’s info and simply check out.  At Allivet, we will always keep you posted via email or text and will let you know when your Vet sends in the prescription. You will also be notified when the order ships and reminded when you are up for another shipment.

Benefits of switching to an online pet pharmacy include:

  • Fast, free shipping and delivery
  • Lower prices on medications
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Wider selection of medications. Best part, Allivet will pre-order medications that are hard to find just for you.
  • Hassle-free prescription. You simply have to let your Vet know and we’ll take it from there.
  • Easy checkout process

It’s important to choose a pet pharmacy that not only delivers great service, but that also provides the lowest prices in the market. Head to allivet.com for the best prices and service on pet meds.

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