Why You Should Get Your Dog On a Heartworm Medication

Knowing which pet treatments or medications to give your dog, can be a daunting task. With all the information you find online or through your vet, It’s important to understand which regular treatments can really make an impact on your dog’s health and longevity. A Heartworm treatment is one of those medications.

Heartworm disease can be a serious and potentially fatal disease in dogs all around the world. It’s mainly caused by a foot-long worm that inhabits the heart, blood vessels and lungs leading to heart complications and sometimes heart failure.  Heartworm diseases can affect a host of animals especially wild animals which can also be carriers of the disease. So, if you have pets and you live in close proximity to wildlife, it’s essential that you get your pet started on a Heartworm treatment.

Dogs are especially vulnerable to Heartworm diseases. Heartworm diseases can lead to permanent damage in the heart and lungs and can affect a pet’s longevity and overall quality of life. Heartworm disease can also be contagious from pet to pet through mosquitos that play a key role in the disease cycle.

Symptoms of Heartworm disease include: a cough, unable to exercise, fatigue and weight loss. Some dogs may develop a swollen abdomen due to fluid buildup. These are not a full list of symptoms and you should always consult your vet if your dog is behaving unusually or has new symptoms.

The best course of action is to get your fur baby started on a Heartworm prevention treatment from an early age. Here are the top treatments:

Heartgard Plus Chewables For Dogs

Heartgard Plus is a monthly chewable tablet that helps prevent Heartworm disease in dogs. It does so by killing Heartworm larvae as well as controls roundworm and hookworm. While you’ll need a prescription from your vet, at allivet.com we take care of contacting your vet for the prescription as well as processing the order in a fast, free and efficient way.

This treatment starts at $36.49 on Allivet.com with a 10% off when you autoship.

Trifexis Chewable Tablets for Dogs 

Trifexis is a monthly chewable tablet that prevents Heartworm disease in dogs and kills fleas. It also controls adult roundworm, hookworm and whipworm infections. You can easily get Trifexis for Dogs shipped to your home in a fast and hassle free way.

This medication starts at $20.02 on Allivet.com with a 10% off when you autoship.


Sentinel is a Heartworm treatment designed to control and prevent fleas and adult Heartworm. Sentinel comes in the form of a yummy chewable that’s easy to administer. This preventative treatment can be used on puppies and dogs 4 ages and 4 weeks and up.

This medication starts at $32.99 on Allivet.com.

Tri-Heart Plus Chewable Tablets 

This medication starts at $19.99 on Allivet.com

Tri-Heart Plus Chewables Tablets helps control Heartworm diseases. This treatment is easy to administer with a beef-flavored chewable. This preventative medication kills Heartworm larvae in its tracks and keeps your pet protected all year around.

Interceptor Plus Chewable Tablets for Dogs 

Interceptor Plus is a broad spectrum treatment used to control and prevent Heartworm disease including adult roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and even tapeworm infections. This medication is acceptable for both adult dogs and puppies.

This medication starts at $17.50 on Allivet.com with a 5% off when you autoship.

Revolution for Dogs 

Revolution for Dogs is a Heartworm medication that offers complete protection from parasites. This treatment is topically-applied liquid medication. Aside from treating Heartworm, this treatment also prevents Ticks and Fleas, ear mites and sarcoptic mange.

This medication starts at $54.87 on Allivet.com with a 5% off when you autoship.

Advantage Multi for Dogs 

Advantage Multi For Dogs is a topical solution that prevents Heartworm disease as well as controls parasites in the intestines. This medication can be administered on a monthly basis.

This medication starts at $54.74 on Allivet.com with a 10% off when you autoship.

Whether you’re looking for a topical or chewable Heartworm preventative treatment, it’s important to discuss any new medications and treatments with your vet. At Allivet Pet Pharmacy, we take care of  your pets as if they were our own. Head to allivet.com and shop for all your pet’s needs.


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