How to Pack a Pet-Perfect Hurricane Emergency Kit

While hurricane season typically runs for almost half of a year, there’s no time like the present to prepare, especially if you have pets. Just as you would prepare a hurricane emergency kit for yourself, your pet needs one, too. Here’s how to pack one just for pets:

1. Include a Comfort Item

Storms can be scary for pets, so packing comforting items can help ease any anxiety they may have. If you have to evacuate to a shelter, it’s important to pack items that keep your pets comfortable, too. This can include a blanket, small bed or a favorite toy. You can also bring an item that has a familiar scent, such as a sock with your scent. It can double as a comfort item and an item that can help your pets find their way home if they get lost during or after the storm. Just leave it at your doorstep.

2. Pack Medication

Don’t forget to pack essential medicine, such as heartworm medicines, like Heartgard Plus or Trifexis. You can also pack flea and tick medicine, such as NexGard or Bravecto. Consider packing special medication for your pets who are older or experiencing a specific condition. For example, you can pack your older dog’s Cushing’s disease pet medications, such as Vetoryl, or Vetmedin to treat congestive heart failure. Also, prepare in advance and order the amount of medication you need to last for at least two weeks. Allivet offers a variety of discount pet medication that you can order in advance. You should also include a first aid kit with latex gloves and saline solution.

3. Pack for Basic Nutritional Needs

Consider your pet’s daily food intake and water needs, and pack enough water, kibbles, meat, treats or any other essential foods for at least three days. Include a can opener so you can easily open canned foods. You can even pack a travel water bottle with a portable bowl for feeding on the go.

4. Include Leashes, Harnesses and Carriers

Pack extra leashes, harnesses and collars in your hurricane pet emergency kit. These items are helpful for controlling your pet and keeping them near you when you are out after the storm or if you have to go to a shelter. Pack your items in a backpack or a small rolling travel luggage that is easy to grab on your way out. Keep carriers, crates, backpacks and pet bags nearby your emergency kit. Many shelters that accept pets and pet shelters may require these items. Also, don’t forget to carry extra plastic bags, pet wipes, pet waste bags, litter boxes, litter or puppy pee pads. This makes cleaning up any pet-relief accidents indoors easier.

5. Go Waterproof

You don’t need a mini canoe or life jacket for your pet at home, but you do want to use waterproof containers to protect important documents. Put the essential items in waterproof containers, such as your pet’s medical forms and records, IDs, rabies tag, and extra tags. Have a list of contacts, including your pet’s veterinarian. Also, include a current picture of your pet in case they get lost or go missing.

Final Thoughts

When disaster strikes, you don’t want to leave your pet without the essential items they need. Prepare your pet’s emergency kit in advance and have a plan. Keep your pet-perfect hurricane emergency kit on hand and ready to go so you’re not rushing to find what you need in the aftermath or during the storm.

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